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Eva Restore Vaginal Gel 9x5g



7 in stock

Enhance and accelerate the healing of atrophic or injured vaginal mucosa, regulates the vaginal acidic pH to normal values, enhance the normal flora of the vagina and relief from irritation and redness.

Atrophic vaginitis due to aging or estrogen deficiency
After surgery of the vagina
Vaginal mucosa dystrophy due to chemotherapy or irradiation
Contains 12,5 mg hyaluronic acid, bioecolia, lactic acid and botanical extracts, without hormones or pharmaceuticals substances
PH 3,8
BT x 9 vaginal gel pre-filled disposable applicators

Therapeutically to enhance the healing capacity of damaged or atrophic vaginal mucosa: one application per day for 7 days, preferably at bedtime
Proactively to strengthen the defense of the sensitive vaginal epithelium, especially after menopause: one application per day for 3 days, every ten days, preferably at night before bedtime.