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Collistar Patch Treatment Reshaping Abdomen and Hips 8 Units

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Collistar Patch-treatment reshaping abdomen and hips is an absolutely revolutionary remodeling treatment for the abdomen and hips! This technologically advanced patch proposes a shock treatment to reduce the volume and restore the area of ​​the belly and hips. It is a transdermal patch that is placed on the belly and covers the abdomen and flanks. By adhering to the skin and gradually releasing your remodeling ingredients. Thus achieving an intensive and specific action over 8 hours.

The innovation associated with this treatment is due to the combination of excellent active ingredients, with a thermo-active technology and an impressive skin adhesion system. Developed with Caffeine and Garcinia Cambogia promotes the burning of fat locally and its drainage. That in association with Ginkgo Biloba imparts toning and firming properties. The action of these ingredients is further favored by thermo-active technology, which raises the temperature of the abdomen and hips, promoting a more effective penetration. In addition, due to its skin adhesion system, the Patch-treatment reshaping abdomen and hips stays in contact with the area to be treated for 8 hours! In this way, throughout the treatment the skin is in intensive contact with the remodeling ingredients, thus achieving a shock treatment.

Thus the treatment is much more comfortable, being only necessary to reapply the patch after a few days. Formulated in a soft and very comfortable material, this patch adheres perfectly to the skin as a “second skin”. This way it becomes invisible underneath the clothing. And its use during the day or during sleep is possible without any discomfort.

Since the first application, the skin of the abdomen and hips becomes more toned and smooth. With regular application (2x per week), the effects become more evident:

1º localized fat is minimized,

2º the waistline is redefined,

3º the abdomen and hips become more compact,

4º and smoother and smoother skin.

In just 4 weeks the abdomen becomes. Very practical and easy to apply, it does not require a slimming massage or daily application. What makes this treatment a real success.

Remove the protective central film and apply the Patch on the abdomen perfectly clean and dry. Center the film hole with the navel and paste the patch. Then, remove the side films and with a slight pressure make the patch adhere to the hips. Leave on for 8 hours at most. Apply the patch 2 times a week. After finishing this shock treatment and to prolong the results, apply the Collistar Night Intensive Treatment Abdomen and Hips.