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Elancyl Slimming Concentrated Gel, 200ml


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The skin is as soft as velvet, 100% radiant, luminous and 100% toned after the first use****

Glowing skin from the first use ***


Hydrated skin as of day 21 *
Refill for the Slim Massage product. Due to the combined action of the two rollers that grip and massage the skin simultaneously, SLIM MASSAGE promotes the breakdown of lipids, tones the skin and smoothens cellulite. Three minutes a day in the shower for 28 days is enough

How to apply the product?


“Fill the compartment of the device with Concentrated Gel. Use the ELANCYL massage device in accordance with the professional method executed by a physiotherapist. Always massage in an upwards direction from the outside to the inside. A cross massage on the abdomen, buttocks and arms is recommended. Daily massage in the shower for 28 days.”