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Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet Acai Berry 23ml



9 in stock

Vitaminizing sheet mask with acai berries, softens the skin, due to the content of natural acids, acting as a gentle exfoliation. Mask returns the brightness to the skin and fulfills it with vitamins, moisturizes and gives it elasticity, and enhances the local immunity of the skin. The mask has an ultra thin basis that provides a tight contact with the skin and a better penetration of useful components in sheet mask.

Key ingredients

Centella Asiatica
Hyaluronic Acid
Viola Tricolor
Chamomile (Matricaria)
Euterpe Oleracea Fruit
Nelumbo Nucifera
Centaurea Cyanus Flower


Acai berries charge the skin with vitamins and soften the outer layer of skin, lotus extract soothes the skin, hyaluronic acid charges skin with moisture.


After cleansing skin and applying toner, apply to face and wait 10-20 minutes before removing. Gently pat skin to promote absorption of the remaining essence. Avoid contact with eyes and letting sheet mask to dry completely.