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Korres 6.3 Dark Honey Blond Advanced Argan Oil Permanent Hair Colorant 50ml



2 in stock

Permanent Argan Oil Advancd Colorant for full white/grey hair coverage, offering vibrant, long lasting colour while treating and protecting hair against damage.

Developed with:

Pigment-lock technology that locks colour in the hair without the use of ammonia. A controlled oxidation mechanism allows micro-colorants to easily penetrate the hair and once ‘trapped’ inside to undergo oxidation, forming large coloured molecules that offer intense colour which does not fade.
Argan oil and natural keratin act in the deeper hair layers restore moisture levels and protect against damage.
Out extract, rich in B complex vitamins and microminerals, forms a protective film, increasing hair strength and elasticity.
​Ammonia free/PDD free/Parabens free/Silicones Free/Mineral Oil free/Resorconol fre