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Apivita Women’s Tonic Shampoo with Hippophae TC & Bay Laurel Ecopack, 500ml



3 in stock

Hair loss is due both to internal and external factors. Women’s Tonic Shampoo revitalizes hair roots, strengthens and nourishes lifeless hair, improves its look and leaves scalp healthy by protecting from adverse environmental factors (harmful sun rays, pollution).

Enhances hair against hair loss thanks to Hippophae TC and laurel.
Offers gentle cleansing and respects physiology and normal flora of the scalp, thanks to mild surfactants, saponaria and APISHIELD HS.
Restores the health of the scalp and enables healthy hair growth, thanks to antimicrobial propolis extract.
Invigorates and revitalizes hair roots with various tonic ingredients: 4 vitamins, wheat and lupin proteins, ginseng*, cinchona, thyme* and lavender* extracts.
Hydrates and nourishes hair, offering volume and shine, thanks to thyme honey and aloe*.
Protects from external effects (styling, pollution) thanks to APISHIELD HS.
With a special mixture of lavender, sage, neroli and laurel organic essential oils, which tone and revitalize both hair and mood.