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Apivita Lozenges Thyme & Honey 45 gr



2 in stock

Apivita Pastilles Thyme & honey are lozenges that soften the throat, with thyme and honey, offering a mild antiseptic and antioxidant action.

Thyme is an herb ideal for treating cough as a symptom of the common cold. In addition, honey provides the required antiseptic to the oral and pharyngeal cavity. They contain vitamin C which strengthens the body’s defenses. Each lozenge contains 20% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDA) of vitamin C.

Instructions of use

Take up to 5 lozenges a day.


Sorbitol and maltitol syrup, sucralose and acesulfame K, thickening agent: gum arabic, thyme extract (2.5%), vitamin C, stabilizer: glycerin, honey (0.6%), icing material: beeswax.