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Linea Bimbi Nat Clean Bio Wet Wipes 60


10 in stock

Linea Bimbi Natural Cleansing Bio Wet Wipes are made of 100% Organic Cotton cultivated with modern, biodynamic techniques using only natural resources.
Marigold and Camomile flowers extracts, with their softening and soothing actions, are suitable for a baby’s particularly “fragile” skin which is prone to frequent irritations and rashes. HELAN’s Cleansing Bio Wipes ,soft and velvety, offer an effective detergent action and are absolutely safe for your baby’s skin, thanks to:- 100% cotton biodegradable and compostable to protect the environment and especially selected to not irritate even the most sensitive skin- Soaking solution for the ICEA certified wipe in order to protect the baby’s health, aggressive raw materials have not been used in any phases of the productive cycle. Both tissue and saline solution- respect the most delicate skin’s pH- are totally neutral and studied to minimize allergies.They leave the skin clean, dry, as well as pleasantly soft and moisturized!