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Eludril Classic Mouthwash

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The cleansing and soothing effect of ELUDRIL CLASSIC mouthwash helps to relieve minor oral problems, fight the build-up of dental plaque and prevent the development or worsening of gum problems.
As it helps to maintain good oral hygiene, ELUDRIL CLASSIC can be used after dental treatment as a complement to periodontal or implant treatments.


Use twice a day, after brushing and rinsing thoroughly, dilute 10 to 15 ml of ELUDRIL CLASSIC with enough tepid water to top it up to the line, making 45 ml of solution. Rinse around the mouth two or three times until the cup is empty. Up to two weeks of continual use.


As it helps to maintain healthy gums, ELUDRIL CLASSIC can be used as a follow-up to oral treatment. Suitable for use following oral surgery.
At the recommended dose, ELUDRIL CLASSIC does not stain the teeth.


200ml, 500ml