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Dentissimo Pregnant Toothpaste Gel 75ml



Out of stock

New formulation of the toothpaste DENTISSIMO “Pregnant Lady & Young Mum” designed specifically for pregnancy and baby nursing.
Organic extracts carefully maintain healthy microflora of the oral cavity
Folic acid, Potassium Chloride help to maintain healthy teeth during pregnancy and normal child bearing.
Calcium lacate promotes more active absorption of calcuim
Calcium Glycerophosphate helps re-mineralize the tooth enamel.
Extracts of Calendula and Gernaium aid to maintain healthy gums and have sanitizing action
Vitamin B5 helps the mouth health with supplying of vitamins
Hydrated Silica gently cleans the tooth enamel and timely compensates the loss of minerals restoring microscopic damages
Xylitol protects against bacteria and prevents the appearance of plaque