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Additiva Magnesium 375mg, 20 sachets



6 in stock

ADDITIVA® Magnesium 375 mg drinking granules have a delicious orange taste and acid buffering properties that make them gentle on the stomach.

Reduces fatigue

Magnesium plays a role in the body’s energy metabolism by activating various enzymes and facilitating the breakdown of phosphate residues rich in energy.

Relaxes muscles

In addition, magnesium is also involved in muscle and nerve functions. The mineral is essential for the smooth transmission of stimuli.

Magnesium carbonate

ADDITIVA® Magnesium 375 mg drinking granules are high in magnesium carbonate, which is easily absorbed by the body.

ADDITIVA® Magnesium 375 mg direct oral granules contain an advanced combination of magnesium oxide and carbonate, making them both easy to dissolve and bioavailable.

Other ingredients

In addition to the valuable mineral, both ADDITIVA® Magnesium 375 mg variants contain various acidifiers, acidity regulators, fillers, aromas, separating agents, starch, orange flakes, emulsifiers, sweeteners, colorants and thickening agents.